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    The perfect granola is in our opinion about finding a good balance between sweet, crispy, sour and crunchy ingredients. And then it must be made from natural and organic ingredients, preferably with whole nuts and without raisins.

    Whole Nut Granola — DKK 45,00

    The perfect base granola with whole roasted nuts. The almonds hazelnuts are complimented by crispy grains, kernals and dried mulberries, which a toasted with coconut sugar, vanilla and olive oil.

    Almond Butter Granola — DKK 45,00

    We love almonds! So much so that we have made a granola that not only contains whole almonds, but where all the grains, kernels, seeds and dried berries are turned in almond butter before the granola mixture is toasted in the oven.

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    Triple Choco Granola — DKK 45,00

    "Triple Choco" is our version for the classic chocolate granola. With pure cocoa powder, crushed cocoa beans (cocoa nibs) and mild chocolate pieces (50%).