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    In 2015, we joined forces with the Danish high-end retailer, Irma, on creating the world’s best granola – and doing so with organic, gluten-free and superior goods only. Comes in 3 varieties.

    Chia Berry Flax Granola — DKK 65,00

    Lots of whole nuts, honny- and whole-roasted oats, chia-seeds, olive oil, mulberry’s and vanilla. Perfect for yoghurt, porridge or sweets.

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    Coco Peanutbutter Granola — DKK 65,00

    Can peanutbutter and granola be mixed? We didn’t know before we tried – but the resulting mix of whole nuts, seeds, grains, oats, olive oil and honey with peanutbutter is extremely good!

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    Double Cocoa Granola — DKK 65,00

    A customer favourite, which in 2018 won the “best in test” comparison of granolas in the major newspaper Politiken. Made up of cocoa, whole oats and nuts, seeds and grains turned in olive oil, honey and raw cocoa powder.

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