Traditional Danish porridge with a modern twist made with seasonal ingredients. Get the classic Oat Porridge 1 with salted caramel, crunchy roasted almonds and crispy fresh Danish apples. GRØD means porridge in Danish and that can be everything from sweet oat porridge to savory risottos. Get your breakfast, lunch or dinner at GRØD

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Açaí Blueberry Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowl made with banana, blueberries, black currants, acai powder and oat milk, topped with blueberries, peanut butter, banana, roasted coconut flakes and granola

95,00 kr.

Matcha Mango Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowl made with banana, mango, matcha, organic oat milk topped with peanut butter, banana, roasted coconut flakes and granola

95,00 kr.

Oat Porridge 1

Whole rolled oats cooked with oat milk and water topped with caramel sauce, fresh apples and roasted almonds

65,00 kr.

Overnight Oats

Cold porridge made with coarsely rolled oats, apple juice, autumn spices and chia seeds. Topped with granola, fresh apples roasted coconut and apple-cinnamon compot

69,00 kr.

Apple-cinnamon Chia Special

Chia seed pudding with oat milk, topped with apple-cinnamon compote, rosted coconut flakes, banana, peanut butter and granola

79,00 kr.

ALL IN! Porridge

Whole rolled oats cooked with oat milk and water with ALL toppings

95,00 kr.

Make your own

Whole rolled oats cooked with oat milk and water with 3 toppings of your choice

65,00 kr.


Order from 11 am (Last order 15 min before closing)

Kale Risotto

Risotto with kale, red cabbage, ‘ravost’(Danish parmesan cheese), fresh apple, hazelnuts, black pepper and vinaigrette

109,00 kr.

Chicken Congee Bowl

Asian rice porridge with chicken, pickled mushrooms, crushed peanuts, red cabbage, kale, spring onions, black seseme, soy, sesame oil and homemade hoisin-dressing

99,00 kr.

Mushroom Barley-otto Bowl

Mushroom barley-otto with red cabbage, kale, cherry tomatoes, pickled mushrooms, roasted almonds and truffle mayo

99,00 kr.

Red Daal Bowl

Traditional Indian lentil porridge topped with red cabbage, kale, peanuts, coriander, cherry tomatoes, black sesame and mild sriracha dressing

99,00 kr.

Buddha Bowl with Barley-otto Fritters

Crispy barley-otto fritters with red cabbage and kale, tossed with apples and truffle mayo topped with hummus, pea shoots, toasted almonds and black sesame

99,00 kr.

Chicken Congee

Asian rice porridge with organic chicken, crushed peanuts, spring onions, soy, sesame oil and coriander

99,00 kr.

Mushroom Barley-otto

Mushroom barley-otto with pickled mushrooms, ‘ravost’(Danish parmesan cheese), thyme, pea shoots and black pepper

99,00 kr.

Red Daal

Traditional Indian lentil porridge with cherry tomatoes, coriander, salted almonds and icelandic yoghurt

95,00 kr.

Risengrød with cinnamon sugar

Organic rice pudding cooked with oat- and rice milk. Topped with cinnamon sugar and regular or plant-based butter.

65,00 kr.


Barley-otto Fritters with sriracha-dip (4stk)

Crispy barley-otto fritters with mild sriracha-dip

59,00 kr.

Cabbage salad with truffle mayonnaise

Red cabbage of the season, apples, salted almonds, pea shoots and truffle mayonnaise

45,00 kr.

GRØDs Choco Truffles (4stk)

Choco-truffles with dark chocolate, coconut, dates, cocoa and gluten-free oatmeal

49,00 kr.



Homemade risalamande with roasted almonds, vanilla and cherry compote

59,00 kr.

Homemade drinks

Freshly squeezed carrot juice

Carrot, apple, ginger and lemon

49,00 kr.

Beetroot juice

Beetroot, apple, ginger and lemon

49,00 kr.

Rhubarb lemonade

45,00 kr.

Ginger lemonade

45,00 kr.

Lime-thyme lemonade

45,00 kr.

Matcha Lemon Iced Tea

49,00 kr.

GRØDs Iced Coffee

With GRØDs caramel sauce

49,00 kr.

Iced americano

Espresso, water and ice

49,00 kr.

Iced chai latte

Iced spicy chai latte

49,00 kr.

Iced matcha latte

Cold green matcha tea

49,00 kr.

Cold drinks

Organic Limonata

Soda with lemon

39,00 kr.

Organic Aranciata Rossa

Organic soda with blood orange

39,00 kr.

Organic ginger kombucha

Organic ginger kombucha from Læsk

39,00 kr.

Sparkling elderflower

39,00 kr.

Sparkling water

1kr goes to the Red Cross

26,00 kr.

Mineral water

1kr goes to the Red Cross

26,00 kr.


Implosion non-alcoholic beer

Non-alcoholic beer from To Øl (takeaway only)

45,00 kr.

45 Organic Days Pilser

Organic pilsner (takeaway only)

45,00 kr.

Hot drinks


35,00 kr.



42 / 46 kr.



40 / 44 kr.



30 / 35 kr.

Matcha Latte

46,00 kr.

Double espresso


20 / 25 kr.

Hot chocolate 49%

49,00 kr.

Chai latte

49,00 kr.

Organic tea

Earl Grey, Mountain Flower, Full Moon, Quince

35,00 kr.

Hot Ginger Lemonade

Hot ginger lemonade

49,00 kr.

GRØDs apple mulled wine

(With alcohol/With out alcohol)

Apple mulled wine, with or with out alcohol

59 / 49 kr.

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Donate to the Red Cross

Goes to the important work of the Red Cross

Red Cross Donation

9,00 kr.

Støt Røde Kors

19,00 kr.