Restaurant Lyngby

Kongens Lyngby

Monday-Friday: 8.00-20.00

Saturday & Sunday: 9.00-20.00

Stop by our restaurant in Lyngby

Between Lyngby Station and Lyngby Hovedgade, you will find our GRØD restaurant at Likørstræde 5, which has reportedly functioned as both a beer depot, a barn and a liquor distillery - and now a GRØD restaurant. On this cobbled pedestrian street, you will find the restaurant in Lyngby with a cosy outdoor seating area with fairy lights and heat lamps. It is a perfect pitstop on the way to work, on the way home or maybe to meet for an afternoon cup of coffee. No matter what time you stop by, we are certain that it will be a great experience with great music, a friendly staff and amazing porridge.

Porridge all day long

We are making porridge from early morning to late evening. A lot of people associate porridge with breakfast oatmeal that might even be boring and sticky. Our ambition is to redefine the concept of porridge, so everyone realizes how versatile porridge can be. We make all different kinds - from breakfast porridge and chia porridge in the morning to risotto and daal for lunch and dinner. During the year we have several events, including our popular rice pudding event, which takes place on the 24th of every month to celebrate that we are one month closer to Christmas eve. If you think we forgot a specific porridge, then please shoot us an email.

Our restaurant in Lyngby is our 6th GRØD restaurant and it was our first restaurant outside a major city – our first GRØD in the suburbs, if you like, which was both scary and very exciting. But thanks to the warm welcome from the locals in August 2019 it has turned out as a perfect match for us and our ambition to redefine porridge has not diminished. We love porridge so much that we make it every day, all year for all occasions. Whether you are a little hungry, inviting the family over for a dinner or you are throwing a company party, we can arrange the GRØD menu so it suit your needs. We change the menu according to the seasons so keep an eye on our menu here, which will be adapted continuously.

GRØD products

It is no secret that we love porridge and are very nerdy about using the right grains, vegetables and ingredients. We have even collaborated with Broste CPH to develop the perfect GRØD-bowl, to fit just the right amount of porridge. Additionally, we make instant-porridge for when you just need something quickly and these are sold in Irma, 7-Eleven, SAS and on our webshop.

To-go from our restaurant in Lyngby

We have space, both inside and outside our restaurant in Lyngby, but if you prefer to eat at home or take it with you to enjoy it outside in the nature, we can easily take care of that. We offer the entire menu as to-go from our restaurant in Lyngby and with our central location between Lyngby Hovedgade and Lyngby Station, it is easy just to stop by on the road. If you want the food to be ready for pick-up when you arrive, you can call us on phone number +45 93108045 or order here GRØD Lyngby – delivery is possible from 16:30.

We cannot wait to see you in GRØD in Lyngby

We hope you want to stop by our restaurant in Lyngby, where we are ready to make great porridge. In the meantime, you can find a ton of pictures of our food on Facebook and Instagram, where we share all the best from our GRØD universe.


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