Restaurant Nørrebro


Monday-Thursday: 8:00-20.00
Friday: 8:00-20:00
Saturday & Sunday: 9:00-20:00

Great music and porridge in the restaurant in inner Nørrebro

The restaurant in inner Nørrebro, on Elmegade, is our 9th restaurant in total. We opened it in the middle of the corona pandemic which brought some challenges, but we love our restaurant in inner Nørrebro where we have decorated with posters of our favourite artists and a purple bathroom.

The youngest in our GRØD family

Nørrebro is very special to us, since it was the first area we opened in, in 2011, and Elmegade is a dream location, as it is close to The Lakes, Sankt Hans Torv and to the city center but still a bit more relaxed and laid back. The restaurant in inner Nørrebro is located on the cosy corner between Elmegade and Birkegade where you can sit outside and soak up some sun while looking at the busy streets and local shops or you can sit inside the restaurant. With the central location between Sankt Hans Torv and Nørrebrogade, it is easy to reach whether you are busy and want to grab something to-go or you want to sit and enjoy your meal.

GRØD – From early morning to late evening

We make porridge all day long in our restaurant in inner Nørrebro and our amazing GRØD staff is waking up early so they are ready to serve porridge to you from 7:30 during weekdays and 9:00 on weekends. Our menu features classics such as breakfast porridge and risotto as well as newly developed GRØD-favourites such as congee, “grøddeller” and green bowls. Common to all of them is that they are made on the season’s best products and ingredients, predominantly plant based and are made with lots of love.

Our menu changes continuously, but you can always find the current menu here. Additionally, we also have special porridge days, for instance, rice pudding on the 24th of every month to celebrate that we are one month closer to Christmas eve. If you think we forgot a specific porridge, then please shoot us an email.

GRØD-bible, GRØD-granola, instant porridge, GRØD-bowls etc…

Besides making great porridge in our GRØD restaurant in inner Nørrebro, we have also been busy with other GRØD experiments. This has led to making a GRØD cookbook, GRØD stoneware series in collaboration with Broste CPH and the best granola and instant porridge. Regardless of the porridge occasion, we believe we have you well covered, and we are constantly working to improve.

All products can be purchased in the GRØD restaurant on Elmegade or on our webshop.

To-go in Elmegade, Nørrebro

Even though we have a really nice restaurant, you might prefer to eat at home or take it with you. Fortunately, we can easily prepare the food for you, so you only need to pick it up and then you can eat it at home or eat it outside during one of Copenhagen’s magical summer evenings. Regardless of your mood, you can order on phone number: + 45 39290022 or order online here. We also offer delivery, if that is what you prefer.

Stop by GRØD on Elmegade, inner Nørrebro

We hope you want to stop by our GRØD restaurant in Elmegade to try our great porridge. In all modesty, we actually make really good coffee as well, if that is what you are looking for. In the meantime, you can find us on Facebook or Instagram, where we share all the best from our GRØD universe.


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