Restaurant Torvehallerne


Monday-Friday: 07:00-19:00
Saturday & Sunday: kl. 9:00-18:00

GRØD enters the gastronomic stronghold - Torvehallerne

“GRØD moves into the gastronomic stronghold” was the headline in the newspaper back in 2013 when we opened a small shop on 9m2 in Torvehallerne which is Copenhagen’s first gourmet food market located at Nørreport Station. Our restaurant in Torvehallerne was only the second restaurant we opened, so we were nervous and excited as we moved into the rich and famous. As it was only the second restaurant we opened, we made a little mistake of making the desk too high so the customers could hardly reach to pay with their credit card. But no worries, we have solved the issue and we just love being in Torvehallerne because of all the guests who are from everywhere in world, the high pace and all our highly skilled neighbours. We are located in Hall 2 stade 8A - facing Linnésgade (the hall closest to Nørreport Station).

The earliest GRØD in town

Our restaurant in Torvehallerne is the GRØD restaurant with the earliest opening hours as we are open at 7:00am. We make everything from acai bowls and porridge in the morning, to risotto and daal for lunch and dinner. Our menu changes with the seasons as we adapt to the season's best berries and vegetables and it is predominantly plant-based dishes, but you can always find the current menu here. During the year, we also have special porridge days, for instance, rice pudding on the 24th of every month to celebrate that we are one month closer to Christmas eve or “Øllebrød” which is a traditional Danish dish made on ryebread and non-alcoholic beer. You can check it out on our Facebook or Instagram, where we will make sure to post about the special occasions.

Instant-porridge, granola and cookbooks

We absolutely love porridge, so we have developed GRØD products for every porridge occasion. Instant-porridge for the busy mornings, or the award-winning GRØD granola for your slow mornings or when you just want to make your breakfast a little more delicious. If you are slightly more ambitious, you should get the GRØD cookbook and impress your friends with you porridge skills.

To-go in Torvehallerne

We know that it can be difficult to find a seat inside in Torvehallerne but we have made sure that you can get the whole menu as to-go, so you can easily bring it outside and sit on one of the many benches at Torvehallerne or maybe in H.C. Ørstedsparken. You can order directly in the restaurant or place an order on phone number: + 45 61101517 or order online here. Delivery is also available until 18:45.


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