Restaurant Frederiksberg

Falkoner Allé

Monday-Friday: 8.00-20.00
Saturday & Sunday: 9.00-20.00


Our restaurant at Falkoner Allé, Frederiksberg C

Our restaurant in Frederiksberg is located across FRB.C Shopping “Frederiksberg Centeret” and we make porridge all day long. On our menu, you can find porridge classics such as breakfast porridge and risotto but also modern interpretations of the old dish, so there is everything from salty to sweet. Common to all the dishes is that they are made on the seasons’ best products and ingredients and are predominantly plant based and you can find the menu here.

Occasionally, we also have special porridge days where we focus on a particular porridge for instance rice pudding on the 24th of every month to celebrate that we are one month closer to Christmas eve. If you think we forgot a specific porridge, then please shoot us an email.

GRØD Products

We are not just a restaurant which serves food, but we also sell various other products that you can buy directly in our restaurant in Frederiksberg. For instance, we love porridge so much that we have made instant porridge, the best granola in the world and written an entire cookbook. We have also made a stoneware series in collaboration with Broste CPH. All of these products can be purchased in the restaurant in Frederiksberg or on our webshop.

To-go at Falkoner Allé, Frederiksberg C

Although, we have a really nice restaurant in Frederiksberg, we understand if you do not have the time to stay or that you sometimes prefer to eat at home or take it with you and enjoy it in Frederiksberg Gardens. Our entire menu is available as to-go, so you can either call and order your food in advance on phone number +45 34127227 or order online here. You can also get the food delivered to you, if that is what you prefer.

Great neighbours and great friends

Fun fact: the first GRØD restaurant was opened by high school friends Martin and Lasse back in 2011. Martin came from the bakery industry and after being part of GRØD’s start-up phase, Martin missed the early mornings and the sourdough, so he opened the bakery “Brødflov” in 2013 at Falkoner Allé. Fast forward to now where GRØD and Brødflov are neighbours and thereby completes the circle of a friendly atmosphere between the guests, the staff and of course Lasse and Martin.

Stop by Falkoner Allé 34

We hope you want to stop by our restaurant in Frederiksberg. We are centrally located opposite to FRB.C Shopping “Frederiksberg Centeret”, close to Frederiksberg Metro station, several bus connections and Copenhagen Business School close to the restaurant. We also make pretty good coffee if that is what you are looking for. In the meantime, you can find a ton of pictures of our food on Facebook and Instagram, where we share all the best from our GRØD universe.


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