Restaurant Århus

Graven, Århus

Monday-Friday: 8.00-20.00
Saturday & Sunday: 9.00-20.00

Porridge in the world’s smallest metropolis

In January 2019 we opened our restaurant in Aarhus on the super cosy street, Graven. We have always had a dream of opening a restaurant in Aarhus and a fun fact is that even before we opened our first store on Jægersborggade in Nørrebro, we were on an inspirational tour in Aarhus. Therefore, we are happy we found the perfect spot for our “Jutland base” for the next many, many years. Our restaurant in Aarhus is located on the cosy cobbled street, Graven 24, and we have space for you to sit either inside the restaurant or outside. You can find us behind the “fed energi” stickers and the restaurant is open at 7:30-20 on weekdays and 9-20 on weekends.

Why porridge?

We are well aware of the prejudices about porridge and we have heard them all. But our restaurant in Aarhus is actually the local spot for the city’s football team – so it is not just wussy food we serve, even though pretty much all our dishes are vegetarian. Our dishes are based on seasonal vegetables and good ingredients and we change the menu continuously as we adapt it to the changing seasons. You can always find the current menu here. Occassionally, we have special porridge days throughout the year where we focus on a particular porridge for instance rice pudding or “Øllebrød” which is a traditional Danish dish made on ryebread and non-alcoholic beer.

Products from Aarhus

Besides making the best porridge in the world, we have also developed some GRØD products that might ease and improve your busy days! We have made an instant porridge that is super easy to take with you on the go and 3 different granola variations that can sweeten even the worst morning. Actually, these products are produced in Egå which is right outside Aarhus - what a small world, right? You can buy all our products in the restaurant in Aarhus or on our webshop.

To-go from our restaurant in Aarhus

The entire menu is available as to-go and you can always order directly in the store or call the restaurant on phone number +45 32139139, if you want your order to be ready when you arrive. You can also order online for to-go or for delivery and get you favourite dishes directly to your front door from our restaurant in Aarhus. Please note delivery is not possible until 17:00.

Stop by our restaurant in Aarhus

No matter if you from Aarhus or a tourist, there is always a reason to stop by our restaurant located in Graven – especially because it is so cosy there. We are surrounded by a nice atmosphere , great neighbours and old charming buildings. And of course, we have great porridge and great coffee, and we hope to see you in our restaurant in Aarhus. Meanwhile, you can check us our on Facebook or Instagram, where we share all the best from our GRØD universe.


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