Restaurant Vesterbro


Monday-Friday: 8.00-20.00
Saturday & Sunday: 9.00-20.00

The very, very blue porridge bar

In the summer of 2017, we opened our 4th restaurant, which is also the largest and decidedly most blue one, on the corner of Vesterbrogade and Enghavevej. Since it is our largest restaurant, we have plenty of space both inside and outside, so you can easily eat your food there. Actually, in many ways this restaurant is the center of all GRØD restaurants as we cook, frie, mince and pack in this kitchen and then hand it over to the other restaurants. We do this every day to ensure that the porridge and toppings remain perfectly fresh and tasty.

You can sit along the windows and look at the busy street of Vesterbrogade or find a table and gather with friends and family.

We make porridge all day

We make porridge from early morning to late evening, which means you can always get your favourite porridge – whether it is a breakfast porridge or our savoury lunch and dinner dishes. Our menu changes throughout the year as we adapt to the season's best berries and vegetables, for instance, kale risotto in the winters and pea risotto in the summer. We have both GRØD classics and new variants, so regardless your mood and diet, you can always swing by at Vesterbrogade 105 and find something. Common to our dishes is that they are based on fresh ingredients and are predominantly plant-based. Additionally, we celebrate specific porridges on specific days, for instance rice pudding day which takes place on the 24th of every month to celebrate that we are one month closer to Christmas eve. If you have another good idea of think we forgot a certain porridge, shoot us an email and share your thoughts.

From instant-porridge to a cookbook

You can also find our retail products, such as our cookbook, award-winning granola and instant-porridge in our restaurant in Vesterbro. So, regardless of ambitions and talent in a kitchen, there will be something for you. If you are busy and not in the mood for making breakfast, we have made an instant-porridge which works just like cup noodles... so that should be an easy one for most people. If you are slightly more ambitious, you can buy the GRØD-bible and cook delicious food, have fun and nerd around the porridges at home. Just like our menu, the book is divided into seasons and packed with great pictures and Lasse's best porridge tips and tricks.

You can buy all products in the restaurant in Vesterbro or on our webshop.


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