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GRØD restaurant in Christianshavn – a dream comes true!

There is no doubt that the charming room with high ceilings on Prinsessegade has been on the top of GRØDs wish list of potential restaurant locations for a long time. In fact, already back in 2017, we were pretty far with the planning of opening a local GRØD restaurant in Christianshavn at the iconic location but for various reasons it did not happen. However, here we are in 2021 after a corona crisis and the time seems just right to open our first GRØD restaurant in Christianshavn! Christianshavn is one of our absolute favorite neigbourhoods in Copenhagen and especially within the past few years there has been a tremendous development in the area. Some of the very best restaurants in Denmark (and in the world) are located in Christianshavn and Refshaleøen. Actually, not only one but two large street food markets are established there which have contributed to the transformation of Refshaleøen from mostly being an industrial quarter to now having a number of cool bakeries and chic restaurants located there.

Christianshavn is a highly recommended neigbourhood to visit for all foodies and tourists. And although the neighbourhood might have developed rapidly the last few years, there is still plenty of local Christianshavn vibes left that you should experience. For instance, you can experience an enormous passion for organic products in Christianshavn which is probably why it is the part of Denmark where most organic products are being sold. That is something we value a lot, and we are extremely proud of contributing to this movement with our small restaurant in Christianshavn.

Christianshavn – a city within a city and the best restaurant in the world

Despite the fact that only about 10,000 people live in Christianshavn there are improbably many cool places, areas, shops and restaurants to visit – both for local residents of Copenhagen and tourists! But it was not until 2021 that people got the option of choosing a GRØD restaurant in the neighbourhood. It is almost impossible to talk about Christianshavn without mentioning Christiania, which has been an autonomous small city within a big city the last 40 years. The local people call it “Staden” but it is not exclusively peace, love and harmony and sometimes you can hear about clashes with the police due to marijuana sales. But “Staden” is so much more than marijuana issues. You can find fantastic oases, places to eat and music venues – and everyone is welcome! And this particular diversity characterizes Christianshavn, which both has some of the most expensive square meters in Copenhagen but also accommodate the friends of the street at the Square… Another Christianshavn pride is Restaurant Noma (that has been voted as the world’s best restaurant 4 times!) and the restaurant has for sure helped put Christianshavn even more on the map. So, in the middle of the melting pot of people, culture and history, we opened our GRØD restaurant – something we are incredibly humble about and proud of!

Porridge and coffee all day: Deluxe porridge, acai bowls and delicious risotto

We have a wide and varied menu in our restaurant in Christianshavn just like in the other GRØD restaurants. Starting early, we serve all different kinds of porridges such as our extremely popular breakfast porridge topped with caramel sauce, apples and roasted almonds or our summery acai bowl with fresh berries, granola, coconut flakes and peanutbutter. Additionally, we make freshly squeezed juice and delicious organic coffee. For lunch and evening, we expand our menu with Indian daal, Asian congee with chicken, mushroom barley-otto with pickled portobello and seasonal risotto. We are inspired by seasonal ingredients and serve predominantly organic! All of this, you can enjoy in our restaurant in Christianshavn or order it as take away. We are looking forward to seeing you in our GRØD restaurant in Christianshavn!

Find inspiration to make porridge at home

If you are not near our restaurant in Christianshavn or one of our 9 other locations, you should check out of Facebook and Instagram where we share of lot of pictures of our food. Or you can find inspiration on how to upgrade your porridge-game at home by looking at many of our recipes on the website. For instance, you can find recipes for everything from “rød grød med fløde” which is a classic Danish dessert (and usually very hard to pronounce for foreigners:-)) to risotto with mushrooms.


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