Restaurant Nørrebro


Monday-Friday: 8.00-20.00

Saturday & Sunday: 9.00-20.00

Where it all started - Jægersborggade, Nørrebro

In autumn 2011, the world's first GRØD restaurant opened in a small basement cellar on Jægersborggade in Nørrebro. It has previously housed a bicycle shop and is now turned into an “experimental, strange porridge restaurant”, as some media wrote. The restaurant in Nørrebro has been rebuilt a few times, but it is the the original GRØD and it is where the dream of redefining porridge started.

From early morning to late evening

We make porridge for morning, lunch and dinner. More specific our opening hours are 7:30-21:00 during weekdays and 9:00-21:00 on weekends. In our restaurant on Jægersborggade you can find classics such as breakfast porridge topped with delicious toppings like fresh fruit, crunchy nuts and maybe some caramel sauce. We have also developed new favourites such as seasonal risotto, mushroom barley-otto and daal. Our menu changes with the seasons as we adapt to the season's best berries and vegetables, so you will always be able to find something when you are visiting our restaurant on Jægersborggade in Nørrebro.

Grød products

We are located on cosy (and hyped) cobbled Jægersborggade, where you can sit outside the restaurant when weather allows it or find a table inside where we have plenty of space. You can also buy other GRØD products from the shelves in the restaurant – from instant-porridge to cookbooks to the GRØD stoneware series that we have developed in collaboration with Broste CPH etc.

You can also find all the products on our webshop

To-go on Jægersborggade

Some days you just feel like eating at home or outside on a bench in Nørrebroparken - we totally get it. Luckily, we offer our entire menu as take away. You can order your food in advance on phone number +45 50585579, so it is ready to be picked whenever you stop by, or you can order it online here. You can also order online for delivery and get your favourite dishes directly to your front door from our restaurant on Jægersborggade.

See you soon on Jægersborggade

It does not matter if you are hungry for porridge or not, we always recommend visiting Jægersborggade because it is so cosy. The fact that you can get the world’s best porridge (if you ask us) and a pretty good cup of coffee in our restaurant on Jægersborggade is of course just an extra plus. So we hope to see you soon and in the meantime, you can find a ton of pictures of our food on Facebook and Instagram, where we share all the best from our GRØD universe.


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