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    The best oats for the best porridge

    While Denmark was in lockdown, we've had time to make a dream come true, and make what we call "the worlds best porridge oats". It makes os happy to our core, that everyone are able to make porridge at home, with the same quality that we make in our restaurants. Our oat porridge are accompanied by two porrdige blends "Spelt Emmer Porrdige" and "Oat Chia Porrdige".

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    The perfect granola is in our opinion about finding a good balance between sweet, crispy, sour and crunchy ingredients. And then it must be made from natural and organic ingredients, preferably with whole nuts and without raisins.

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    Oats and porridge blends

    We have found the absolute best oats for porridge. We look for oats with the perfect bite and texture.

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    Peanut Butter

    Den samme crunchy peanut butter vi bruger til vores Acai Bowl, Chiagrød og havregrød i vores restauranter

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    Instant porridge

    Our instant porridge is a great alternative when you need an instant, nourishing, healthy and delicious meal. It is completely organic and gluten-free and comes in 4 varieties.

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    The ”Porridge Bible” is a collection of our favorite recipes. The book contains morning-, lunch- and dinner-recipes, and is based on the four seasons.

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    GRØD X Broste Copenhagen

    We joined forces with Broste Copenhagen to develop this minimal stoneware series. These are the bowls, plates and mugs we use in our restaurants.

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    Buy a physical gift card for our GRØD stores. 250, 500, 750 or 1000 DKK. Works at all locations except Broens Gadekøkken.

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