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    We partnered with Broste Copenhagen to develop this minimalist stoneware series for our porridge. Buy the same stonware we use in all of our restaurants.

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    The ”Porridge Bible” is a collection of our favorite recipes. The book contains morning-, lunch- and dinner-recipes, and based on the four seasons.

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    GRØD X Broste Copenhagen

    We joined forces with Broste Copenhagen to develop this minimal stoneware series. These are the bowls, plates and mugs we use in our restaurants.

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    Instant porridge

    Our Instant porridge is a great alternative when you need an instant, nourishing, healthy and delicious meal. It is completely organic and gluten-free and comes in 4 variaties.

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    In 2015, we joined forces with the Danish high-end retailer, Irma, on creating the world’s best granola – and doing so with organic, gluten-free and superior goods only. Comes in 3 varieties.

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    After shooting pictures for our second cookbook in the fall of 2015, we decided to do a GRØD-poster. Mostly because it was fun.

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