Working at GRØD

We're always searching for dedicated and smiling employees for our busy restaurants.

Working at GRØD is not easy, as you have to master various disciplines from cooking oats over brewing great coffee to seasoning the risotto to perfection. We work in small shops where quality, cooperation and responsibility is crucial, if we are to make the perfect porridge and provide our guests with the right experience. We value community, honesty and people with phat energy (kind of hard to explain – it is our way of saying something is great).

We do our best to facilitate our small GRØD community, and have, among other things, a yoga-club, a running-club and a club of employees who meet to create bead plates! We cook from local ingredients, and our menu is guided by the seasons. Our staff is very diverse – we are a diverse group of dancers, yoga teachers and students. But we are all united by a love for porridge and having a good time in our restaurants.

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