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    GRØD Bundles

    We have gathered the perfect combination of products for you to get started on your GRØD adventure.

    GRØD Starter Pack (English)

    Perfect for any occassion.

    DKK 399,00DKK 440,00
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    Organic Mix Instant Porridge - 6 Pack

    Mixed 6 pack with organic glutenfree oat-quinoa porridge with 4 different topping varities.

    DKK 130,00DKK 144,00
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    Organic Porridge Blend Mix Pack

    Try one of each, to find your favorite.

    DKK 100,00DKK 110,00
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    Organic Granola Mix Pack

    Try one of each to figure out which one you like the best!

    DKK 120,00DKK 135,00
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