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    Mix Instant Porridge 6 Pack

    We are totally committed to the freshly cooked and homemade porridge. But our instant porridge is a great alternative, when your need is an instant, nourishing, healthy and delicious meal. It is completely organic, gluten-free and plantbased – and you only need some hot water, a spoon and five minutes before it is ready to eat. The porridge is made on oats, quinoa, dates, almond flour and black current powder.

    The mix box contains one of each flavour. The other two are surprises.

    DKK 130,00


    Porridge blend - 61% gluten free oat flakes*, 12% dried dates*, 10% almondflour*, 8% quinoa flakes*, chopped figues*, salt, black currant powder*.

    Topping blue: 33% roasted almond flakes, 33% cane sugar*, 26% chopped figues*, freeze-dried black currants*, 2% cinnamon*. * = organic farming.

    Topping red: 53% roasted almond flakes*, 33% cane sugar*, 13% freeze-dried raspberries*.
    * = organic farming.

    Topping green: 38% dried dates*, 38% roasted pumpkin seeds*, 13% dried goji berries*, 13% roasted almond flakes*. * = organic farming.

    Topping yellow: 69% dried dates*, 13% crushed cocoa beans*, 13% toasted coconut flakes*, 6% freeze-dried raspberries*. * = organic farming.

    4 varieties

    Our instant porridge come with 4 different toppings