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    GRØD Starter Pack (English)

    A good beginning makes a good ending they say. So start the GRØD-mission as well prepared as possible with this GRØD Starter Pack. You will get the cookbook (in English) of course, so you have all the right recipes for both sweet and salty porridges throughout the day. Moreover you'll get our award-winning granola, Chia Berry Flax, to put on top of your homemade morning porridge. Finally, you will get out 4 instant porridges that will have your back when you have been snoozing for too long, or just need a quick nutricious meal on the go.

    DKK 400,00


    GRØD Cookbook (English)

    Granola: Chia Berry Flax
    37 % gluten-free wholerolled oats*, pumpkin seeds*, 12 % honey*, roasted hazelnuts*, dates*, buckwheat grains*, 5 % linseed*, roasted almonds*, 2,2 % hele tørrede morbær*, quinoa seeds*, crushed cocoa beans*, sunflower oil*, olive oil*, 0,5 % chia seeds (Salvia hispanica)*, salt, vanila powder*. * = organic.

    Instant Porridge
    Porridge blend: 61% gluten free oat flakes*, 12% dried dates*, 10% almond flour*, 8% quinoa flakes*, chopped figues*, salt, black currant powder*.

    Yellow topping: 69% dried dates*, 13% crushed cocoa beans*, 13% toasted coconut flakes*, 6% freeze-dried raspberries*. * = organic farming.

    Red topping: 53% roasted almond flakes*, 33% cane sugar*, 13% freeze-dried raspberries*. * = organic farming.

    Blue topping: 33% roasted almond flakes, 33% cane sugar*, 26% chopped figues*, freeze-dried black currants*, 2% cinnamon*. * = organic farming.

    Green topping: 38% dried dates*, 38% roasted pumpkin seeds*, 13% dried goji berries*, 13% roasted almond flakes*. * = organic farming.