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After a very wet, cold and dark January, many people a boost of energy to get through the last part of the Danish winter. Therefore, together with our friends from Green Kitchen Stories, we have made a Granola box that both tastes good and gives good energy!

For many years, we at GRØD have looked up to - and has been inspired by - Green Kitchen Story's plant based food universe. Before it became trendy to eat vegetarian and blog about food, David and Luise - the couple behind Green Kitchen Stories - started sharing their take on how to cook both healthy, green and tasty food. Fortunately, they also love porridge in all its guises, which is why we were both starstruck and honored that David and Luise declared a few years ago that GRØD was one of their favorite places to eat in Copenhagen :)

And that is why we are super excited about this month's collaboration, where we have included some of Green Kitchen's favorite breakfast recipes in this booklet and some of their products that they have made together with our friends from Puori. In the February box, you receive both a large bucket of multivitamins, a handful of b12 sticks with blueberries and our very own almond butter. AND, we also have the world premiere of our brand new granola variant "Hazelnut butter & Choco". We also call the new granola the "nutella" variant because grains and kernels are turned and roasted with homemade hazelnut butter, dates, coconut sugar, cocoa powder and whole roasted hazelnuts. We hope you like it and the rest of the box. Feedback and criticism is welcome as always at:

All the best February-energy,


About the Granola Box
The granola box is the ultimate box for the ones who appreciate a great topping on their oatmeal, skyr, youghurt or something completely different. In the box you receive three of our crunchy granolas, two delicious toppings and a compote. We have combined the crunchy, the sour, the sweets and the fats. You can customize your box and choose the exact granolas and toppings you want. We regularly add curated products to the box which we call "This month's special" - Enjoy!

You can buy the Granola box as a subscription delivered to you every month or as a one-time purchase. When you subscribe to the Granola box you always receive a minimum of 20% discount. For all new subscribers, we add a pair of our popular GRØD tins as a gift. The subscription is non-binding and you can cancel it anytime. When you buy the Granola box we deliver it directly to your doorstep or chosen parcel shop. All the best breakfast vibes and phat energy, GRØD.

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