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    Blue instant porridge

    We are totally committed to the freshly cooked and homemade porridge. But our instant porridge is a great alternative when your need is an instant, nourishing, healthy and delicious meal. It is completely organic, gluten-free and plant-based – and you only need some hot water, a spoon and five minutes before it is ready to eat. The porridge is made on oats, quinoa, dates, almond flour and black current powder.

    Topping: Cinnamon, cane sugar, roasted almonds & freezedried black currant.

    DKK 24,00


    Porridge blend - 61% gluten free oat flakes*, 12% dried dates*, 10% almondflour*, 8% quinoa flakes*, chopped figues*, salt, black currant powder*. Topping 33% roasted almond flakes, 33% cane sugar*, 26% chopped figues*, freeze-dried black currants*, 2% cinnamon*. * = organic farming.

    Nutritional contents per 100 g

    Energy1586 kj / 378 kcal
    Fat11 g
    – of which saturates1,2 g
    Carbonhydrate53 g
    – of which sugars20 g
    Fibre9,3 g
    Protein12 g
    Salt1 g

    Four varieties

    Our instant porridge comes in 4 different versions — each with different topping.