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    GRØD entered the gastronomical stronghold in april 2013. This was the 2nd GRØD to open, and this time at a more central location.

    GRØD enters the gastronomical stronghold

    The text above is an actual headline from the press back in 2013, as we opened in Copenhagen’s first gourmet food market, Torvehallerne. It was indeed a major change for us – moving from a basement cellar in a hipster-neighboorhood to a stand in central Copenhagen among the rich and famous.

    We had some minor issues as we moved in – the counter was initially placed in a height that made it almost impossible for our customers to reach the payment-terminal. But we quickly settled in, and love the great neighbors, the high tempo, and all our customers from near and far. “TORVE” is the name in GRØD-parlance.